Karen Schousboe ved Prinsesseskolen i Søllerød fra 1720 © Ove Juul Nielsen

Karen Schousboe – Your Conservative Candidate to the Local Elections in Rudersdal

Eva inspecting the old museum in Vedbæk
Eva inspecting the old museum in Vedbæk. Eva is my granddaughter

I live in Rudersdal since 1991, when we moved to Paradisstien in Øverød with our two children. In 2003 I published book in Danish about how to live a good life by delving into what is nearest and dearest – God’s creation, the forest in my backyard, the local history and not least my local church in Søllerød. The book was a result of the work which I carried out as a member of the National Council for Ethics as well as in on the local church council.

The reason for running for local council in 2017 is my engagement in our schools, which I find deplorable. Economically abused and unloved by politicians, teachers are struggling to care for our children in an atmosphere of mistrust. My key issue is to do an audit of the local economy to find funds for restoring energy and creativity into teaching our children in the 21st century.

Another key issue is the preservation of our local natural and cultural heritage, including the building of a new museum for the internationally renowned finds from the very early society of Hunters and Gatherers in Vedbæk.

My career has been based on my education as a Cultural Historian (European Ethnologist). After an academic career as a senior research fellow and associate professor at the Universities of Copenhagen and Århus, I built my own consulting agency and pursued a career as writer. For ten years I was head of the Communication Centre of the National Church in Copenhagen. Today, I work as editor-in-chief of a medieval magazine, medievalhistories.com.

Privately, I am blessed with a husband, who is a doctor at the National Hospital in Copenhagen (haematologist), two children and five grandchildren.

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Karen Schousboe – Your Conservative candidate to the Local Elections in Rudersdal 2017

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